3 Places You Must Visit In Perth

I know, I know, there was a 'little' break on my blog again. Before you all wondering what's going on let me say that everything is fine and that I am still in Australia. I am just enjoying my life at the moment. A lot happened but I will try my best to post regularly about Australia again. But let's talk about Perth first. As mentioned in my previous post, Perth has always been on my bucket list since I traveled to Australia. Having the control over my own bucket list is amazing because now I am able to cross this point off. All I had in my mind was the desire to see as many things and places as possible in one week. And we did it. The next few days were absolutely incredible. Finally, the sun came out and we were crazy for some exploration. Perth offers a lot, even in winter/spring there are beautiful places you should definitely see.

Here are my TOP three Places you must visit in Perth

#1 Fremantle, historic maritime city

On this very sunny day, our host father kindly took us for a private sightseeing tour to Fremantle. Even though we had to wake up waaay to early (like 5:30 am) it was more than worth it. Driving through all those expensive villages and seeing houses worth millions was mind-blowing. We stopped multiple times just to enjoy the view and to take some pictures. As we arrived in Fremantle our host father dropped us off at the harbour so we could explore this area on our own. Basically, we walk around, went to Fremantle Markets, had lunch and walked through the streets. I really liked the Fremantle Markets with all these cute little shops. After lunchtime, our host father picked us up again and took us home. In the evening we went to Shisha Nights in the city to visit the Bellydancer Night.

Fremenlte Fremenlte Fremenlte

#2 Hillarys Boat Harbour

We were actually supposed to go to Rottnest on this days, but we were too late and kinda missed the ferry. Well done! This time the grandmother took us to Hillarys a little suburb with a beautiful beach, a stunning boat habour and also a little mall. The sun was out again and it got very warm for the first time. Tee time! Besides some shopping at the mall, we enjoyed life at the beach and took millions of pictures. And then the unexpected masterpiece happened: I got pooped on by a seagull on my white tee - well, thank you!!

Hillarys Perth WonderlandBlog Hillarys Perth WonderlandBlog Hillarys Perth WonderlandBlog Hillarys Perth WonderlandBlog

#3 Rottnest Island

Finally, we made it to Rottnest. This day began also quite early but this time we actually made it and caught the ferry. As we arrived we rent some bikes but as soon as we were sitting on our bikes it began to rain. Fortunately, the rain stopped pretty soon and we had the nicest weather to explore this island. On our way to some beaches, we came across some quokkas. How cute are those little animals? The beaches were iconic and so beautiful. No surprise, we had to have a little photo shooting but none of these pictures can capture the glace of these places like in real life.

Rottnest Island Perth WonderlandBlog Rottnest Island Perth WonderlandBlog Rottnest Island Perth WonderlandBlog Rottnest Island Perth WonderlandBlog Rottnest Island Perth WonderlandBlog

If anyone of you has the chance to see Perth I really recommend these places. Take your time though and make the most of every single day. I am more than happy we did all these trips and didn't waste a second of our time. Taking chances, seeing stunning places and living for the moment is what I call freedom.

Perth was definitely a place that left a mark in my life.

Have you ever been to Perth or is it on your Bucket list?

Which places would you recommend or which place is next on your bucket list?

Salute, Sarah ♥

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  1. Thorsten
    24. Oktober 2018 / 8:27 am

    Endlich wieder ein neuer Beitrag von dir ! Schön zu sehen, daß es dir gut geht “down under”!!!

    • sarah
      25. Oktober 2018 / 12:08 pm

      Danke für deinen Kommentar! Ja, mir geht es super hier, bin ja auch schon in Sydney angekommen. Hoffe ich finde die Zeit um mehr zu schreiben.

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