One year ago

One year ago… 

Exactly today, one year ago, I had already packed everything and I had a ticket to another world. It took me more than a 23 hours flight to Sydney. As I arrived, I realized this was going to be the best year ever.  I’ve already written about my journey and life in Sydney, I just want to take a walk down memory lane. Thereby, I’ve grown stronger, wiser and better. 

What I like 

Now you may ask “what do you like so much about Sydney?” 

Well, here is the answer: life is so different there, people are more child-out, friendly, helpful, open minded, relaxed, calmly and satisfied. They are spontaneous and they always smile. Aussies would walk with you if you don’t know the way, they would give you a dollar if you need one (even if they don’t have enough for
themselves), and of course they always have a joke to tell. Therefore, you can literally have a laid-back life, even if the whole world around you would collapse. In addition to this, Sydney will amaze you with its unbelievable nature. Botanic Garden, Hide Park and all the beaches are breathtaking. 

What I miss 

I miss the fact that every day has been different, even though I had classes every day. I have had enough time to go to the beach after school, to the city or just lay down at Hide Park. 

I miss the beaches, the sand underneath your feet, as well as the Ocean, when the waves crashed down on me, even the salt in my eyes. 

I miss our road trip where I really and fully realize: I’ve made it! 

I miss the hill next to my residence, the stunning view of the skyline of Sydney. I always felt like time was standing still on top of that hill. I miss the ridiculous evenings on the hill with my best friends, drinking sparkling wine, eating Tim Tams, being silly, dancing like hell, dreaming about our lives and watching the stars (especially Orion). 

I miss going shopping at Coles with my friends and buying stupid things, or the fact that we ALWAYS bought a Subway cookie when we passed a store.

I miss the Opera House, Westfield Tower, Bondi Junction, and the Habour Bridge, these buildings are so pretty.

I miss all the little cafes where I used to spend my little “me-time”, drinking a cappuccino and think about everything and anything. 

What I miss the most is the time with my lovely friends, all our inside jokes, all the adventures and memories we’ve made, the fact that we always had a song in mind (to literally every word someone said) 

Last but not least, I miss the feeling of liberty, happiness and bliss. 

I know that it won’t be the same again, even if we all would fly to Sydney again, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be better!!


Salute, Sarah ♥

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