Take chances.

We all know time flies and to be honest it is the most scary thing ever. Being a twenty-something-year-old girl I feel like being haunted by something taking away my life: time. Knowing that time is temporary, wouldn't it be stupid to miss all those increadible moments life has to give? I believe life has so much to offer and we should take chances as valuable gifts.

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How is it even possible that all these years went by soooo fast?

Okay, let's stop sounding like an old grandma telling stories about the first world war. Talking about grandmothers and old stories, my biggest fear appears immediately. Just imagine being old and looking back to your life - what would you like to see or to tell? Indeed: how you've kicked life in the ass and lived life to the fullest. The imagination of regrets and unexpended chances is killing me from the inside. I don't want to begin a story by saying "well, I had the chance, but I was too afraid..." or "if only I would have done it".

Even though I know it might be impossible to reach some certain goals or to take all chances in one row, the certainty that at least I tried, is enough. If your life is a lack of chances, be aware of every little hint and if your life is full of chances like a meteor shower than try to take as many as possible.

Take chances WonderlandBlog

Sometimes you have to take action before taking chances. One thing I've learned is in the end we only regret the chances we didn't take. Also be willing to take opportunities, because you never know how perfect something could turn out to be.

If you're still unsure, I give you a little kick: take that step, believe in yourself, take this chance.

Salute, Sarah ♥

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