Three ways to achieve your dreams

Since we were young, we’ve always been told to use our imagination and to dream big. Dreaming big as a child seems totally acceptable, but as an adult it is quite silly and we try to avoid it. Therefore finding the way to be successful in life can be a tough task. Well, let me say it like this: there is one very important rule if you want to achieve your dreams – allow your self to have dreams.


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Sounds cheesy but it is true. Without having any dreams you won’t go anywhere. However, here are some facts or advice from my own experience what it takes to achieve your dreams.


First – believe in it

Sounds easier than it serously is. Now, let me quick explain why it is so important. Basically if you allow yourself to believe in your dreams, you allow your dreams to be real. Life is limitless and so are you! If you say you will, you are going to. If you say you can, guess what – you can! Honestly, if you do not believe in your own visions, a miricale ain’t waiting behind the next coner. You have the power to achieve whatever you want, if you give it the power to be real.


Sencond – hard work

As I said, waiting for a mirical is dicey. Eventhough you might think, that others don’t have to work for their goals (which is actually pretty naive), they do, but behind the curtain. A quote by Alfie Deyes boils it down to an essence: „do your future self a favour and work hard today“. Your goals will sheer off if you put off your work to another day. The sooner you start working for your goals the sooner you will succeed.


Third – allow yourself to fail

Sometimes it takes more than one go to achieve your goals and that is totally okay. Failing is a big and necessary part of reaching your (especially longtime) goals. Failure is success in progress and if you don’t fail you don’t learn. It is a healthy way to learn and to become better and better. If you fail better today than you did yesterday, you are on the right way to succeed. Just a qiuck reminder: failure can be motivating, it takes away your fears and allows growth.


achieve your dreams - WonderlandBlog achieve your dreams - WonderlandBlog


Whatever you’re up to, do it with your heart. Life is too short to miss something out. Hopefully this little blogpost motivated you to believe in your dreams and to chase them. Keep chasing your dreams until your out of breath, keep running and you will get where you imagine yourself in the future.


Feel free to comment your ways to achieve your dreams in the comment section below.
Which dream did you already achieve? And which goal do you try to reach currently?

Salute, Sarah ♥

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